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About me


For as long as I can remember I have loved to paint, draw and make things. Over the years I have also developed a fascination with jewellery, particularly with unusual and individual pieces. I suppose then it was natural that I should combine these interests and start to make my own jewellery. Discovering Precious Metal Clay gave my hobby the push to develop into something more. The techniques used to shape the clay allow me to draw on past skills in pottery and polymer clay and to form the organic shapes I love. Once fired the fine silver design can be combined with enamels, beads, stones, traditional metal working techniques….the possibilities are endless.

I spent a lot of time sourcing exactly the right components for each project. Then, whilst attending a course in silversmithing, I met a lampworked bead maker. I was fascinated that I could make my own beads. I attended a course and once I had had a go and saw the huge range of colours available I was hooked! Now I am able to make all the elements of a piece of jewellery.

My work now mostly centres around the combination of glass and precious metal clays and the myriad opportunities that this offers.


My inspiration comes largely from nature and the world around me – the shape of a seedpod, a rock pool, patterns in the sand. Being a keen gardener and also living between the sea and a national park means that I am never short of ideas. Please take a look at the gallery to see some of my work. Occasionally there will also be pieces for sale in the new items area. I am also happy to accept commissions, so if you are looking for something special please email me with your ideas at amanda@amareargentum.co.uk

Amare Argentum fine silver jewellery and lampworked beads                                                     amanda@amareargentum.co.uk